What Our Clients Say

Very nicely done. You do a masterful job of communicating with this challenging group [of trust beneficiaries].  There is a good reason you are in demand as a fiduciary.  You bring genuine skill, balance, reasonableness and wisdom to the task. -- Legal Counsel

You and your team have been a godsend. I of course understand that [a trust asset] needs to be sold and that it’s in [our sister's] best interest. You’ve always demonstrated an extremely high level of integrity. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your services. - LB (Family Member of SNT Beneficiary)

Thank you for all your team does to help [my sister], without you I’m not sure where she would be now. Knowing you are there for her has allowed the family to step back from the financial aspect and have a loving, caring, supportive relationship. -- JB (Sister of SNT Beneficiary)

Dear Alan, Thank you for your guidance and stewardship through the years. Please extend my regards and appreciation to the rest of your team. -- LW (Trust Beneficiary)

I guess this wraps up L's estate matters. I want to thank you and your staff for the time and care you gave to L during her life. You fit where I lacked the objectivity to deal with her and I thank you for the work you have done to finalize her account. Negotiating the labyrinth of legal and accounting issues seemed daunting to me. I hope you and your staff continue to do well as your service is certainly needed by many. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference in the future. -- SS (Estate Beneficiary)

Thank you, Alan...you are very easy to work with. -- Special Needs Trust Beneficiary

Your work is outstanding and I am grateful. --SS (Durable Power of Attorney client)

Mr. Statman has a measured calm demeanor which reassures both elderly beneficiaries and their worried relatives. Mr. Statman's financial background is ideal for managing assets in a conservative manner. His business is set up for efficiently for record-keeping and reporting. - KC (Attorney for Trust Beneficiary)

Thanks for making the process of winding up Mom's affairs run so smoothly, Alan... I'm surprised at how little tax my husband and I will have to pay as a result of capital gains passing to me from the trust. We appreciate your clear instructions and offers of assistance along the way... MA (Trust Beneficiary)

Alan, Thank you so much for helping our family navigate a difficult period. I will always be grateful. - HL (Trust Beneficiary)

Thanks for letting us know this information today, Alan. We appreciate your hard work in completing these complex steps so quickly and efficiently. - MB (Trust Beneficiary)

Thank you so much, Alan, for keeping us included in the schedule and giving us a sense of our inheritance in advance of our receipt of the balance. It has been very useful for me and my husband to have this information for planning. -- SA (Trust Beneficiary)

I hope you know how truly grateful I am for your help. -- DPOA Client

Alan,  So great to have someone we trust.  Many heartfelt thanks. -- PH (Trust Beneficiary)

I believe Alan feels respect for his clients and genuinely tries to make things work for everyone. -- Trust Beneficiary

Mr. Statman was adroit, insightful and most helpful about the process of that early distribution. Talk about stress reduction and stress management! -- DL (Trust Beneficiary)

Many thanks Alan for your kindness, professionalism and efficiency in handling the VL Trust. Your good judgment and advice prevailed! Best wishes.  -- JF (Trust Beneficiary)

I'm sure my uncle would have been very pleased with your work. Thanks for being the person who handled his estate with reason and integrity.

-- MF (Trust Beneficiary)