Anne Marshall – Senior Staff Fiduciary
Anne serves as trustee for revocable and irrevocable trusts and as attorney-in-fact under a Durable Power of Attorney Agreement for clients who need assistance with managing their finances. She oversees staff to ensure trust administration goes smoothly, providing families with confidence and peace of mind. Anne often collaborates with other Trust Matters team members by sharing ideas and experience to resolve challenging trust administration issues. 
Anne earned a J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law and is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary, Lic. No. PF-1223. She has been a member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California since 2018. Anne previously worked in the Hayward City Attorney’s Office where she was responsible for planning and code enforcement matters and administered the City’s Rent Control Program. She also worked on children’s environmental health issues for the State of California before joining Trust Matters in 2012.

Bobbi Herrington – Staff Fiduciary
Bobbi handles client trust accounting and oversees purchasing insurance to protect client assets. Bobbi’s 30 years of insurance industry and human resources experience make her a valuable asset in solving problems for our company and our clients.
Bobbi earned a Bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary, Lic. No. PF-1092, and has been a member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California since 2018.

Evi N’Diaye – Accounting Specialist/Client Liaison
Evi is dedicated to the efficient support of her assigned clients. She makes sure that bills are paid timely and records are kept current, monitors cash flow, and coordinates services provided to trust beneficiaries by third-party vendors. Evi brings a wonderful blend of problem-solving skills, tenacity and creativity to her work at Trust Matters.

Evi joined our team in 2019 and has an engineering degree from Brandenburg University in Germany.

Jamie Pehanick – Client Liaison
Jamie is dedicated to client support with a focus on care management matters. She skillfully brings her calm demeanor and persistence to resolving complex client issues.

In her prior career, Jamie worked with companies involved in improving patient health literacy and outcomes.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Chico and joined Trust Matters in 2018.

Patrick Monette – Bookkeeper
Patrick manages bill payment and record-keeping for many of our trust clients. He brings a cheerful and methodical approach to his work using skills acquired from multiple previous customer service-oriented jobs.

Patrick joined our team in 2020. He has a passionate interest in music and is pursuing a business degree at San Francisco State University.

Rachel Herrington – Accounting Specialist
Rachel pays bills and maintains records for Trust Matters’ client accounts. She also manages Trust Matters’ internal business accounting. Rachel previously worked in the banking industry and at a Fortune 500 company. From that work, she learned how to design business processes and make them more efficient, a skill she’s applied to her work at Trust Matters. Rachel received a Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University in Information Management and Technology, with a minor in Music.

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"Alan’s education and history – including the fact that he graduated from law school and has a lifetime of business experience as a CFO – distinguish him from other fiduciaries.  Also, he can work with complex technical problems and has great forensic skills."

- Estates & Trusts Attorney, Alameda County